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Dedicated customer care for
your business

Let us tend to your customers and keep them craving your attention.

We understand customer support is much more than just answering questions. You want to build long term relations with your customers. Make them so happy that they turn into your brand advocates.

With us you get pacifiers, problem solvers, relationship builders - all packaged into one.

Not only do we help your existing customers, we capture lead information of say people making telephonic enquiries- people who are not your customers yet!

We then relentlessly and strategically follow up with these leads to convince and convert them.

We know if we keep your customers happy, we'll keep you happy.

How are we so confident? Our clients keep coming back to us. We get praised for our unparalleled support.

Support that helps your customers. Support that shapes your customer experiences and delights them.

Once you outsource customer handling to us, you'll never think about hiring an in-house team, again.

And it doesn't stop there: our support agents are ninjas at every channel: phone, email, live chat, you name it!

Customers are royalty and royalty demand exceptional service. That is why we are the best equipped to help your business deliver this service to your customers through our customer care, customer support and customer handling services. Working with us will ensure customer satisfaction for your business.

It is a challenge to acquire new customers. It is however an even bigger challenge to keep your customers coming back. we promise to make the process of keeping your customers even easier through our customer care services. Through creating personal connections with your target audience, we will ensure that repeat business becomes the norm for your business. Through our customer support service, we will promote the great reputation of your business. Studies show that most customers remember how they were treated while making a purchase at a store. It is our priority to ensure that the memory is a good one. Our services will give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors and create a sense of uniqueness about your business.

Our Expertises

  • Leads follow up service
  • Live Answering Services
  • Interactive Voice Response Representative
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Customer Service
  • Social media support service
  • Question & answers support

Digicon Deal

your dedicated brand promotor

Give us your product or services, we’ll put the face, the voice, the image, the influence to drive it.

Give your business a face and humanize your brand through our stellar brand ambassadors. Your customers will enjoy buying from people rather than from a faceless brand this will shoot your sales through the roof. Word of mouth will become your most profitable marketing strategy.

Our firm will provide services of celebrities or influencers who will promote and advertise your products or services. This will help grow your brand from where it is today to a market leader in your industry. Our ambassadors will use positive word of mouth that will increase traffic to your website and consequently grow your sales. Our brand ambassadors will not only be there for you in good times but in bad times as well. Every business goes through some periods when the word around their product is bad. This is obviously not good for business and we ensure to nip it in the bud by protecting and defending your reputation in case of bad press.

Our Expertises

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Promotional Model
  • In-Store Demonstrator
  • Costume Character/Mascot
  • Real Human Face for All Your ad Creatives

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