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video production & Ad films

video production & Ad films

For crisp, clear, captivating ads that conjures the curious consumer.

The most memorable and viral ads are done in video format. Think about the ads from your childhood that have permanently etched themselves onto your brain. You know them frame by frame and line by line. To you, they are the best and most recognizable products, even if you’ve never actually tried the product before.

That’s our main objective when we create video ads. We want the audience to be so captivated by the content that it becomes unforgettable. Let them tell their friends about it. Let them share it on social media. Let it compete for the highest views on YouTube.

We always aim high and your videos are no different. Our experienced video production team will work meticulously with you to create that masterpiece you’ve always wanted.

Our creative process, arsenal of tools and research mindset makes it possible for us to think like your customer would. Strike up a chord, one way or the other.

Studies have shown that more people have become interested in products and services after watching a video than reading about it on social media. This can only mean more business for you with our great video production. We will create videos that will give your customers the confidence they require to purchase your products. We also recognize that viewers are likely to spend more money than those who only read about a product or service. With our videos we will get you making more money in no time at all. Our videos will help convey valuable information on your products and services thereby increasing your credibility as a wonderful business and the trust from your consumers.

Our Expertises

  • Ad Films/ Commercials
  • Digital Ad Films
  • Micro Vidoes
  • Corporate Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Q&A Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Interview Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animation Vidoes
  • Youtube Bumper Ads
  • Youtube Ad Films
  • Facebook Marketing Vidoes
  • Instagram Marketing Videos

Digicon Deal

Digital media buying & planning

Where you never have to second guess your investment as your returns are always consistent.

Best in the game, or bust.

We don't do what regular media buyers and planners do.

We tailor your strategy so you don't waste a SINGLE dime. We don't do run-off-the-mill placements just to hand over a massive invoice at the end of it.

We hand-pick a mix of digital media platforms that are guaranteed to get you ROI.

We sit with you to cover everything from budget to the actual creatives that we'll place on robust ad networks.

We tap into ad networks that are on the same page as your business. Our buying process is based on performance, not crap-shoot hype.

The internet has changed the way ad networks work. Ad networks that are embedded into the platforms they visit.

We have the ability to grow and scale your business by making the most of cookies, DSPs and big data. There's no secret sauce here.

Success in digital media only comes when working with the right team. We are well equipped to guide your business through digital media buying and planning. We provide quality advice, good insight on content, up-to-date knowledge on paid digital media placement and demonstrable skill in using analytics to inform decision-making. We recognize the value that can be achieved through digital media like its affordability and nimbleness which will allow you to engage in trial and error placements. There is no doubt that this will lead to better business strategies and we will walk with you through it all.

Our Expertises

  • Advertisement space on high traffic websites
  • Buying advertising space in the press
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Airtime on the radio
  • Airtime on television
  • Advertising space on the Internet

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